Specialized in Sensitive Skin, FCAD (facial corticosteroid addictive dermatitis)

About Us

Nature Sense- a company established by a Cosmetic Chemist & Pastiche Skin Diagnostic Technician

We have experienced on 2000 cases of treating sensitive skin and FCAD, acne skin and the data is still increasing every day.

Based on past clinical experience, we have drawn up a complete set of SOP to treat all kinds of problem skins. We practiced 1 to 1 consultation on each and every cases, specially tailor on different skin problem for different solutions on each customers.


With the proper advices from us, the treatment rate can be as high as 98.5%.

About Products

Originated from Plant-based Ingredient

Each product had been through years of development in factories and laboratories before going through a rigorous inspection process to ensure every product delivered to our customers was the best they could get.

All Nature Sense products are free of any harmful chemicals and/or substances like

Our Founder use the latest technology to ensure every last beneficial drop of nutrient is extracted from its raw material and absorbed into the skin, ensuring the most optimal result is obtained.

Certified Product

All our product have qualify certification and safe to used

Listen feedback from our beloved customer!

Customization for different skin problems!

Never ever using your face as a “TESTER “.

Understand your skin problem according to your skin conditions and get the solutions from Skin Analysis Consultation.