About Us

Nature Sense- a company established by a patient of FCAD (facial corticosteroid addictive dermatitis) also known as Hormone face.



Evelyn Tong, a chemist who is the founder of the company, enthusiastic dedicated to help women to have healthy skin. Every ingredient used is expertly hand-picked at the finest quality to assure the products delivered to our customers are of the apical quality to meet their utmost needs.  


To provide customers with reliable bio-based products, every product produce by us originated from plant-based ingredients. These products mainly re-condition and activate your skin by boosting the required protein, so that the skin can achieve a younger and more vigorous effect.


Each product had been through years of development in factories and laboratories before going through a rigorous inspection process to ensure every product delivered to our customers was the best they could get. All Nature Sense products are free of any harmful chemicals and/or substances like parabens, artificial colouring, synthetic fragrance, and alcohol. 


We also provides professional skin analysis services that includes checking & reviewing your skin condition from current skin care regimen. We have always adhere to provide a professional one-to-one solution plan to our dear customer so that customers can know the foundation cause of their skin problems, and can easily solve their own skin problems with the right method. 

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