Acne continually reappearing

Don’t use any of the
“quick-acting anti-acne cream”,
“7-days anti-acne cream”,
or any other fraudulent products on the market.

They’ve trapped many,don’t be one of them,
spending exorbitant amounts of money
just for your face to be plagued with more problems.

Chemist explains why up to 73% of customers fails
to get rid of their acne"

Key Point🛎️

The recurring cause of acne for 🇲🇾

One-to-one counselling with a professional formulator

  • 6 years in skincare product research and development
  • The Pastiche Training Skin Management Graduate
  • 3 years of one-to-one skin management counselling experience
  • Assisted more than 2000 skin problem cases

NO Hormones

NO Steroids

NO Mercury

NO Alcohol

NO Paraben

Comprehensive Repair, Nourishing Acne-Free Skin

A complete acne skincare product program must be able


Formula design – 99% based on plant extracts

Successful case

WK Lim, 19 year old college student

My real fight acne history !

My acne problem had been bothering me for several year. Every time, big pimples would be accompanied by redness, swelling, and itching. It was unbearable.


I’ve tested countless methods, even went to a beaty salon to get my acne treated. Not only did it not improve my acne situation, it somehow made my skin more and more sensitive. Only those who’ve been in my position would truly understand what I went through.


I was envious of some of my peers, whom had never had a single acne since forever. I ended up mustering some courage and one friend recommended Nature Sense. At first I was hesitant. Even after countless products and even a beautician couldn’t fix my situation, it made me depressed. However, with how important appearance is nowadays, I had troubles socialising. So I ended up going.


During our first one-on-one counselling session, I had great confidence in them. They were professional in helping me analyze my products while explaining what the reactions and side effects are. After that, they helped me draw up my own methodology. The consultant would often follow up with me everyday.


In about a week, I saw some improvement. My closed-mouth acne on my face has been reduced, the big acne that would continually grow, spreading on the side, also gradually start to disappear.


Around 3 months, the acne on my face no longer grew and the closed-mouth acne are no longer there. Most importantly, however, my acne scars started to fade as well.


Now, I’m brimming with confidence, and free of my plague of social and appearance issues.

Promo Price RM299.00

Still undecided ?

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Let us help ! 


Depending on the client’s sensitivity and hormonal status, approximately last around 2 weeks.

With clinical experience with more than 2000 cases in sensitive skin and hormonal face treatment, we have formulated a complete set of SOP guidelines to treat problematic skin. By following our designated steps. the treatment rate could reach as high as 98%.

Most importantly, each individual case would be personally counsel by our consultants whilst giving advice and guidance based on your skin damage.

Our consultant, Evelyn, is a Cosmetic Chemist and a Pastiche Skin Diagnostic Technician. Concerns of illegitimate testing are unfounded. Using her clinical experience, she would analyze your skin based on the operation of your skin structure to give the best solution.

的皮肤, 给予最好的方案。

That is understandable. With any product, the most important are the effects. Even if something is the cheapest, if it doesn’t solve your problem, it is still a waste of money💰 in the end. However, as long as the the product solves your problems, the price could be rest assured.

After every purchase, our customers will be directed to our skincare consultant for one-on-one counselling via WhatsApp. The consultant would first analyze the ingredients of the products you are currently using. Then, they’d help you draw up a step-by-step procedure that suits your individual situation.

In fact, in our current day society, buying skincare products requires some form of professionalism as opposed to buying them willy-nilly on the market. Due to the market being flooded with products using illegal ingredients, many products on the market can only be mixed for a short period of time. The most important thing to remember, however, is to check and understand the ingredients as most of our products puts on emphasis on repairing and are unsure of the nature of other products. Some would even use illegal products that can see immaculate effects short term. These formulas are damaging to the tissue in the long term. As such, it is not adviced to mix produces as it may be a waste if one accidentally uses a wrong product on the market while mixing.