Skin Analysis Questionnaire

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欢迎来到  Nature Sense 护肤管理中心!
Welcome to Nature Sense Skin Management Centre! 




The health of the sebum membrane is the foundation of all skin care routine. 

Just simply looking to whiten your skin, get away freckles on face, string your pores without care of your skin healthy, it was just like a sick person making hard work to stand up & run. This will only make your body become weaken without focus on the cause.

Test now to see if your current sebum membrane is healthy.

1. 不论什么气候,皮肤都显得干燥粗糙。

No matter how is the climate, your skin appears dry and rough.

2. 皮肤容易泛红Your skin become redness easily.
3. 气候变化的时肌肤变得干燥,角质也明显。

When the climate changes, the skin becomes dry and rough.

4. 皮肤容易受到刺激。

The skin is easily irritated.

5. 涂抹特定的产品时,皮肤有灼热感并感受到刺激。

When applying certain products, the skin feels burning and irritated.

6. 涂抹特定产品30分钟后,皮肤会发痒,刺痛。

Skin will feel itchy and tingling after 30 minutes of applying a specific product.

7. 最近12个月内,曾经为化妆品的副作用所困扰。

一化妆, 脸部就觉得刺疼, 出油, 不舒服等等症状。 
卸妆之后, 脸部有泛红, 瘙痒等等症状

I have been troubled by the side effects of cosmetics in last 12 months.
My face feels tingling, oily, uncomfortable and other symptoms once put on the make. 
My Face has redness, itching and other symptoms after remove the make up.

8. 使用特定的护发品时,头皮感觉到瘙痒,刺痛并有红肿现象。

My scalp feels itching, tingling and redness, when using certain hair care products.

9. 脸上容易长粉刺黑头。A lot of blackhead and white on the face.
10. 皮肤会因为微小的刺激而发痒泛红。The skin will become itchy and red due to slight irritation.