Sensitive Skin & FCAD

A set of skincare products for
Sensitive Skin & Hormonal Face

The core of the product is plant-based using plant extracts.

Focusing on CLEANSE = SOOTHES = ANTI-IMFLAMMATORY = MOISTURIZING and REPAIR to make a complete recovery procedure. 

Regarding Sensitive Skin & FCAD

When talking about hormonal faces, many patients can’t help but complain: Despite trying various treatments and methods, even resorting to regular visits to the major hospitals, the symptoms of my hormonal face still would come out irregularly, almost as if there is no cure.
As such, let us first understand how does a hormonal face develop, and why is it so complicated to cure?

Symptoms of Hormonal faces

Hormonal Face Symptoms

Hormonal face

Sensitive Skin

The Different between FCAD & Sensitive Skin

About Us

Nature Sense dedicated 5 years into the development of skincare products for sensitive skin, hormonal face, and the tropical humidity of the Malaysian climate.


Co-founder Evelyn Tong is a Cosmetic Chemist with a diploma from The Pastiche, a skin dianostic expert in the United States. She revised and improved her formula 64 times, developing a comprehensive formula that effectively works on sensitive and hormonal skin.


With the assistance of our one-to-one skin management counseling, we have successfully assisted more than 2000 customers improve their sensitive and hormonal skin problems within 14 days, with a recovery rate as high as 98%!

Why Nature Sense ?

Adhere to one-on-one professional analysis of the skin, Nature Sense gives 100% professional skincare knowledge and product usage steps.


For each individual case, we will use one-to-one counselling to analyze the status of the products the customer uses every day and monitor the progress of their skin problems. Assuring the customer would not be using the wrong products, steps, and etc. that might cause other problems.

The key to combat various skin problems lies in


The ideal skincare brand combines the natural, scientific, and professional to create the best quality products with the most precise ingredients and scientific concentration. All production material of our products are plant-based to provide our customers with reliable bio-biased products. These products mainly re-condition and activate your skin by boosting the required protein, so that the skin can achieve a younger and more energetic effect.

Each Nature Sense product has been developed in its own laboratories and factories for many years, and undergoes rigorous inspections during the overall production process to ensure that customers get the best skin care products.


During the restoration period, the components of the products currently used by customers are analyzed using scientific skincare methods individually. Then, steps and usage will be formulated based on the individual condition of the customers to minimize hormonal rejection, as to not repeat their previous experience again.


When treating hormonal faces, many, due to lack of knowledge on how to efficiently treat it, ended up blindly using various methods and products. Not only did it not improve their situation, but it may also aggravate certain symptoms of hormonal faces. Out of desperation, many chose to believe in "secret" prescriptions, remedies, and other treatment methods that may cause more serious harm to the skin in addition to delaying the time best for treating hormonal faces.

In the case of the naked face for example. Naked muscles for hormonal faces are unable to heal on its own. The skin of hormonal faces are fragile and its own microcirculation has been destroyed by hormones, making it incapable of self-healing. As such, for each individual cases, we will deploy one-on-one counselling to analyze the status of each product the customer uses and to monitor their skin problems. Decreasing doubt and fear that they might be using the wrong products, steps, etc.

Based on your condition and choose the right Entrée Kit for yourself !

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Promo Price RM399.00

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Depending on the client’s sensitivity and hormonal status, approximately last around 2 weeks.

With clinical experience with more than 2000 cases in sensitive skin and hormonal face treatment, we have formulated a complete set of SOP guidelines to treat problematic skin. By following our designated steps. the treatment rate could reach as high as 98%.

Most importantly, each individual case would be personally counsel by our consultants whilst giving advice and guidance based on your skin damage.

Our consultant, Evelyn, is a Cosmetic Chemist and a Pastiche Skin Diagnostic Technician. Concerns of illegitimate testing are unfounded. Using her clinical experience, she would analyse your skin based on the operation of your skin structure to give the best solution.

That is understandable. With any product, the most important are the effects. Even if something is the cheapest, if it doesn’t solve your problem, it is still a waste of money💰 in the end. However, as long as the the product solves your problems, the price could be rest assured.

After every purchase, our customers will be directed to our skincare consultant for one-on-one counselling via WhatsApp. The consultant would first analyze the ingredients of the products you are currently using. Then, they’d help you draw up a step-by-step procedure that suits your individual situation.

In fact, in our current day society, buying skincare products requires some form of professionalism as opposed to buying them willy-nilly on the market. Due to the market being flooded with products using illegal ingredients, many products on the market can only be mixed for a short period of time. The most important thing to remember, however, is to check and understand the ingredients as most of our products puts on emphasis on repairing and are unsure of the nature of other products. Some would even use illegal products that can see immaculate effects short term. These formulas are damaging to the tissue in the long term. As such, it is not adviced to mix produces as it may be a waste if one accidentally uses a wrong product on the market while mixing.