The Founder

Evelyn Tong

Cosmetic Chemist
The Pastiche Skin Diagnotician

“I should have gone to death due to Cushing Syndrome, but I was born again due to skin disease”

 “I started formulating my own skin care products because when I fight skin disease,  I noticed there is a high demand of needs for scientific knowledge and are developed based on natural ingredients which also not containing any harmful chemicals and highly allergenic ingredient.” Evelyn Tong, founder of Nature Sense.

Evelyn Tong, a chemist who’s skin was damaged due to Cushing Syndrome back then. After doctor’s diagnosis, she was told at that point of time, Cushing Syndrome was not an ordinary disease but there was only 1 medical case on Cushing Syndrome from nationwide, and what’s worst is the patient of the pass case did not make through the surgery. She made a decision of not undergoing surgery after what she heard, but unexpectedly if she does not undergo the surgery, 6 months’ time is what’s left for her. The end she believes in fate and accepted the surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was a big success.

However, her skin was damaged from the side effects of all the medical treatment, from having a beautiful smooth skin to a sensitive, rashes redness, tingling, acne skin. For 8 long years, she tried almost every single sensitive skin cares in the market, from low to high end , from traditional Chinese medical to western medical. At that point of time, she decide to give up what’s on the market and started studying the actual problem keen to formulate the best skin care product for sensitive skin.

In her way of formulation, there’s a lot of questioning, doubts and fake information from the internet.  She went for DIY courses hoping to learn what she wanted to know but it’s just isn’t up to level. After multiple tries, multiple failure and multiple testing that caused worst towards her sensitive skin, she began her deep research online. She found out that there are actually many cases in the market, all of which are the cause towards sensitive skin. However, the products in the market was to overwhelming, and insufficient knowledge of the sales staff. They only keen to sell the products without the knowledge on how to treat the skin disease. They have not intention to help customers with their problem, or even no analysis at all. The cause of the cases out there are unknown, and the customer’s sensitive skin has worsen.

Eventually, she feels necessary and desire to help women out there with skin problem. After some research, she eventually founded a well-known Australian Institute of Personal Care Science (Institute of Personal Care Science) and it’s prominent position in personal care science with the well known recognized diploma worldwide. For the seek of knowledge, Evelyn went to study a cosmetic chemistry diploma. At the every same time, she also began to study dermatology in depth, to formulate the most effective solutions and products for sensitive skin. So she completed a dermatation course through the New Zealand Pastiche Training Program. Further study and research gives her research and formulation work a formal and correct conduit and concept.