The Science Behind Nature Sense

At Nature Sense, we’re proud to bring some much needed intelligence and insight to current skincare industry that full of inside story. That’s why we go beyond working with scientific data, taking the time to explain the science behind our products.

After all, what’s the point of a product listing its ingredients if it doesn’t explain the benefit? For example, our Intensive Moisture Capsule uses Ceramic to hold skin cells together, forming a protection layer that pumps the skin and holds the skin moisture. The result is restore skin moisture, reinforced the skin’s natural barrier.

You’ll notice we talk about ‘active’ ingredients a lot to our customer too. So what does that mean? Active ingredients work for you! They generally should always pre exist in the human body, so that the body can easily digest and absorb their benefits with maximum efficiency. Our active ingredients are carefully selected over years of clinical research so that our products have all the necessary tools to combat aging and repair problematic skin as well as other skin concerns effectively.

Nature Sense doesn’t use ingredients such as parabens. Our philosophy is to combine only the absolute necessary clinical grade raw ingredients into formulations that work, and leave all the other stuff (that do nothing) out.

Our Founder have study the skin pathology in skin delivery systems and in particular, wound healing and skin regeneration. She is passion for creating products which are both potent and easy to use. This ability to fully understand how your skin reacts to certain ingredients in certain conditions, and also how to deliver the necessary ingredients in the most efficient and effective way, sets us apart from all others.


The science of skincare shouldn’t be hidden, which is why we’re open about how our products work. You’ll find more specific detail on each of our commonly known active ingredients on our Science page HERE